T1 Personal Tax Services

Most T1 tax scenarios and pricing can be found below.    We provide full transparency with our Personal Tax Return pricing.    We also provide Year End T2 Corporate Tax Services and Bookkeeping services.

If you are new to Your Numbers Guy tell us more about you so we can properly complete your Personal Tax Return.    Download the return checklist below and send it back to us and we will get started.  If you wish a copy to fill in online contact me and I can send you that.

Personal Tax Return Checklist
Download our list and get ready for having your return prepared.
Tax Return Checklist.pdf
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    • must be under 21 years of age
    • must be in high school or post secondary school (includes T2202A education form)
    • includes T4's from part time or summer jobs
    • 65 or over with basic CPP / OAS income
    • includes 2 other basic receipts such as charitable donations and/or investment income
    • for medical or other slips you must move up to the next level



$ 75.00 per return + HST

Basic Return

    • Maximum 5 information slips (T3, T4, T5)
    • Seniors with additional slips or income splitting
    • Couples linked returns discounted for the pair ($190) with up to 10 information slips combined
    • Does not include any pre and/or post assessment reviews, or audit support with the CRA (available at an additional cost if needed)
    • No meeting, drop off and pick up only or digital transfers.



$ 125.00 per return + HST

Regular Return

    • Maximum 10 information slips
    • Couples linked returns  discounted for the pair ($200) with up to 20 information slips


  • Charitable Donations
  • Medical Receipts
  • Union or other Membership Dues
  • RRSP
  • Tuition & Education amounts
  • Support Payments
  • Dependents



$ 150.00 per return + HST

Premium Return


  • All items in a regular return & additional receipts
  • Employment Expenses - totals provided with T2200
  • Deceased / Final Return
  • Disability Tax Credit Application, with follow up support
  • Detailed Investment Reporting
  • Ongoing advice/support throughout the year by email



$175.00 per return + HST

Ad Hoc Schedules/Returns


  • Property Income
  • T1 Adjustments to make changes to prior years
  • Business Income/Activity Schedule T2125
    • Incomplete bookkeeping carries an additional charge
  • T3010 Charity Return (in addition to another service)
    • Incomplete bookkeeping carries an additional charge




$ 75.00 per schedule + HST