How does Practice Ignition (PI) work?

To our value bookkeeping and tax return  clients:


I wanted to let you know that we have updated our billing system so that we can be more efficient and spend more time on the work that matters; helping you!    Some of you may already have seen this as it was implemented in late 2021.


For recurring bookkeeping and annual tax engagements you will receive an email from us, via our new billing software prior to work being done.    The software is an online proposal and billing system that provides a clear contract that you digitally sign, and arrange ongoing or recurring payments automatically through your bank.


When you receive the email with a link to the online proposal from us simply click the link to:

  • Review the summary of services.   You can click on each of the services for more information as to what is included.
  • Enter your bank account detail and securely save it.    If you want to use credit card we can offer that but have a 3% surcharge which will be added if you choose that.   There is no additional charge for PAD or Pre-Authorized Debit.  Please note, the software has bank-level security and encryption and we will never see your payment information.
  • Review the terms and then sign by typing your name to accept the proposal.    Once you accept, you'll automatically receive a signed copy of the contract.

That's it!      Contact me directly if you have any questions.




Why am I signing an agreement?


It is a best practice in my industry that all work undertaken is covered by an up-to-date and relevant engagement letter - we endeavor to operate at the highest standard of doing business.   The engagement and proposal you sign ensures that we both have a common understanding of what is required to be delivered, for the fee and also lists our general terms of doing business as well as anything specific to the services you have requested.


Why do you want a digital signature?


Electronic signatures area a far more efficient way of collecting your agreement and allow you to sign anywhere without the use of printer, paper, scanner -- this saves you and us time, not to mention the environmental benefit of going paperless.


Can I print and sign this proposal manually?


While we'd prefer that you sign the proposal with the digital signature tool, you can print a copy of the proposal by clicking on the "view PDF" link in the bottom right of the "terms" section of your online agreement.    We would of course encourage you to sign electronically to save time and the environment.


Do I get a copy of the agreement for my own records?


Yes, as soon as you sign and accept your agreement, you'll be emailed a copy of the proposal as a downloadable PDF to store wherever you like.


What if I need to change the proposal before I accept it or if I need more/different services?


No problem.   Just let me know and I'll make the changes prior to your acceptance.   


If you need to to make any changes after you accept we will happily issue a "change" for your review and acceptance.   We will not commence work, or collect payment for, additional services until we've received acceptance for your change of service proposal.    Please note you will not have to re-enter your payment information (unless you'd like to change the payment method).


Why does the email look different to the ones I normally receive from you?


The email containing a link to the electronic proposal is sent directly from our proposal and billing system - Practice Ignition - and not through our email client (Your Numbers Guy). 


Why are you asking for payment details?  How are my payment details stored?


As part of our new proposal and billing system, this will automate invoicing, collections and reconciliation process.   The good news for you is that you will not have to worry about remembering to pay invoices and will only have to re-enter details if you wish to change your information.    This will also allow us to spend less time administering and more time working with you!


When you enter your payment information it is stored securely and safely in compliance with PCI DSS standards and we don't manually store or have access to any of your payment details.


Can I change the payment method anytime?


Yes you can. Please contact me and we’d be happy to help you. Please contact me at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled payment.


What does the payment summary mean?

The summary shows you:

     ● The services we will perform for you during the period of engagement stated on your online                 proposal (click on each service to expand them for more detail).

     ●The fee for each service

     ● How frequently you will be asked to pay for the services performed:

               ○ What does on acceptance mean? Services under “On Acceptance” will be

                   charged immediately, as soon as you accept the agreement.

               ○ What does Recurring mean? The fees for these services will be collected monthly, or                               another period, as indicated.

               ○ What does On Completion mean? The fees for these one-time services will be

                   collected once you have been notified, and agreed, that the work is complete.

               ○ What does estimate mean? Just like on completion, the fees for these one-time

                   services will be collected once you have been notified, and agreed, that the work is

                   complete, however the final fee will be determined once the work is complete.