What We Do

As "Your Numbers Guy" our main goal is to help small businesses succeed.  You want to spend more time on YOUR business and not worrying about the minutia of  bookkeeping and government agencies.   We help you by ensuring timely, accurate, and effective data recording, reporting, and remittances to government agencies. As Quickbooks Online (QBO) Pro-Advisors we aim to do just that with automation and tools such as Receipt Bank and the features within QBO itself creating more real time bookkeeping as you focus on YOUR business.    Find our more:  click here

Personal & Business Taxes

Ask us about your business or personal tax filing.    Your Numbers Guy can help.  For T1 Personal Return Pricing  click here.

Firm of Future - Cloud Technology

By leveraging technology we can dramatically help reduce the amount of time you spend on busy-work, and focus instead on growing our businesses.  Find more about becoming a firm of the future:  click here



Flexibility and customization to fit your needs.  Worry and hassle free with added tools to improve your workflow.   



Financial Reporting, Processes, Payroll, and controls.

Bookkeeping Elements

Virtual Accounting

  • Harness cloud power
  • Optimize your accounting
  • Streamline your back-office procedures to suit your industry
  • We included Quickbooks in each of our packages.

Value Pricing

  • No hourly rates
  • No billing surprises
  • Your plan includes only the features you choose to pay for, not the features you don’t want.

Receipt Management

  • No more tedious tracking or loss of receipts
  • No more shoe-boxes of receipts
  • Snap a picture with your smartphone and carry on with your day
  • Watch intro video about our automated receipt partners

Credentials that help serve YOU!

Click HERE for more on our credentials.