The 2023 Tax Season will be open soon

The 2024 Tax Season (for 2023 Taxes) will be open soon.      February 28th is the deadline for firms to have the slips given to you, and filed with the CRA, however there are exceptions so you need to be sure all slips are available before filing.


If you are an existing, or new, tax client you can update, or provide me information, using the encrypted link below.

Your Cloud Accounting Solution

As "Your Numbers Guy" our main goal is to help small businesses succeed.  You want to spend more time on YOUR business and not worrying about the minutia of  bookkeeping and government agencies such as the CRA.   We help you by ensuring timely, accurate, and effective data recording, reporting, and remittances to government agencies.     As we are a one stop shop we also will do your personal and corporate tax returns transitioning from bookkeeping to the year end.


As QuickBooks Online (QBO) Pro-Advisors we utilize automation, and tools, such as Receipt Bank and Cloud Accounting, creating real time bookkeeping allowing  you more time to focus on YOUR business.  


Whether you have single or multiple employees, We can handle the time-consuming task of processing your payroll so you can focus on running your business.   Payroll Services with QuickBooks including Payroll Tax filings to the Canada Revenue Agency.   


We can take care of the HST and Payroll withholding taxes as part of your bookkeeping.   We will do the filings and assist with the payments as required.


We also can take care of your personal T1 tax returns as well as T2 corporate returns.