What We Do


Flexibility and customization to fit your needs.  Worry and hassle free with added tools to improve your workflow.   



Financial Reporting, Processes, Payroll, and controls.

Advisory / Consulting

Businesses face countless issues.   With years of business experience we can assist on many areas of business. 

Firm of Future - Cloud Technology

By leveraging great technology I can dramatically help reduce the amount of time you spend on busy-work, and focus instead on growing our businesses.


Personal & Business Taxes

Ask us about your business or personal tax filing.    Your Numbers Guy can help.


As all tax files are not created equal contact us for a quote.

Bookkeeping Elements

Virtual Accounting

  • Harness cloud power
  • Optimize your accounting
  • Streamline your back-office procedures to suit your industry
  • We included Quickbooks in each of our packages.

Value Pricing

  • No hourly rates
  • No billing surprises
  • Your plan includes only the features you choose to pay for, not the features you don’t want
  • Monthly Pricing as low as $150

Receipt Management

  • No more tedious tracking or loss of receipts
  • No more shoe-boxes of receipts
  • Snap a picture with your smartphone and carry on with your day

Accounting Elements

Payroll Integration

  • Reporting on source remittances
  • Automatic deposit implementation
  • Monthly and yearly Payroll reporting


  • Monthly reporting and financial updates with a one on one consult
  • 100% Service Guarantee


  • Process Innovation to improve your business
  • Strategic Planning
  • SWOT Analysis

Credentials that help serve YOU!